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  • SCM-ITC (THAILAND) (Thailand) -  spotlight posted on 02-06-2017

    Brief Institutional Introduction:

    SCM International Training Center (SCM-ITC)

    SCM International Training Center For Professional Qualifications Ltd.

    • Also known as SCM-ITC International Academy, was incorporated in 2010  as a private (social) enterprise providing executive education and professional training and certification
    • Authorized APICS  and the Association of Supply Chain Management as Authorized Channel Partner
    • Licensed International Trade Centre (ITC) Network Partner for Professional Certification Programs.
    • Advocator of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and UN Global Compact (UNGC), Youth Empowerment Program 2030


    • Leading Professional Training Institute for Globally Recognized Qualifications
    • Creating value for the Enterprises and Human Career Development with Impact for Good



    Leading Provider of ITC/WTO/UNCTAD Professional Qualifications in Supply Chain Management

    • International Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Dip.SCM(ITC') ) 
    • International Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (Adv.Cert.SCM(ITC'))
    • International SCM Certificate (Cert.SCM(ITC')) in 
      • Strategy and Planning
      • Purchasing
      • Operations
      • Logistics

    Leading APICS Authorized Channel Partner of 

    • Certified Supply Chain Management (CSCP)
    • Certified Production and Inventory Managment (CPIM)
    • Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD)


    Core Values:

          Contribute to Society, Environment and SDGs

    • Contribute to Professional Development with impact for Good
      • ITC's Licensed Network Partner for Professional Training and Certification Programmes
      • APICS Authorized Channel Partner for CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, SCOR
    • Contribute to the Government:
      • Judge for the Prime Minister's Industry Excellency Award in Logistics and Supply Chain Management | Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry
      • Judge for the Logistics Innovation Award | Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry
      • Joint Program in CLTD and ITC's Logistics Module | Office of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport
    • Contribute to the Private Industry and Community:
      • Founder and Honorary Advisor of Thai Logistics and Production Society (TLAPS)
      • Joint Founder and Vice President of Thai Federation on Logistics (ThaiLog)
      • Joint Founder of Asia Council of Supply Chain (ACSC), China
      • Joint Founder of Institute of Management Consultants of Hong Kong (IMCHK)
    • Contribute to Academia
      • Lead Facilitator and Instructor, Executive SCM Certificate in SCM - PKKI, Hong Kong University
      • Part-time Lecturer to the Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University
      • Part-time Lecturer to Business Faculty, Mae Fah Luang University


    Successful Activities in relation to the MLS-SCM℗ programme

    The ITC's MLS-SCM℗ programmeRequired field is used as one of the vehicle by the Logistics Bureau, of the Ministry of Industry, Royal Thai Government to train Logistics/Supply Chain Consultants.  SCM-ITC is the contract provider through TPA for the SPM (Sourcing, Produrement Management) Program for Consultants.  Its on-site ten days consulting services has help many enterprises to enhance its compentencies.

    The MLS-SCM℗ programme is also used as the foundation for testing and evaluating the Professional Certification Programs besides the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT. Cert.SCM℗(ITC) , ADVANCED INT’L CERTIFICATE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT. Adv.Cert.SCM℗(ITC), INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SUPPLY CHAIN MGT.  Dip. SCM℗(ITC) 


    For Registration: Call +668 3146 5864   Email: or

    For Consultation for In-house Training: Call +668 9894 6168  Email: or