Improve the competitiveness of your business with ITC’s Supply Chain Management programme. 
Over the past ten years, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Programme of ITC has helped train over 25,000 business managers worldwide. Executives learn to manage the sourcing, movement and storage of goods from source of production to point of consumption. For enterprises, this means practical solutions to overcome challenges of export market demands; for buyers, this means optimized sourcing options. For local trade institutions, ITC is a solid partner offering best-in-class supply chain training and advisory programmes.
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From 20-04-2015 to 20-04-2015
Member Spotlight
  • CBS NETWORK TELCONECT S.A - (01-01-2011)
    Somos una firma de profesionales, con una extensa trayectoria en el área de la cadena de abastecimiento y la logística. Desde hace más de 10 años nos dedicamos a colaborar con nuestros clientes en el diseño, la implantación y la operación de una cadena de abastecimiento y una logística eficaz con el objeto de contribuir a la eficiencia, rentabilidad y sustentabilidad de sus empresas. CBS Network ha desarrollado desde sus inicios una visión estratégica regional local y global. Sudamérica es una región de múltiples culturas y talentos. Nuestro trabajo está orientado a potenciar esas posibilidades, para que las empresas puedan generar valor y adaptarse a todas las condiciones del mercado compitiendo con éxito. La responsabilidad, el compromiso, la permanente búsqueda del conocimiento. La innovación y la pasión de la gente de CBS nos impulsan a honrar nuestros compromisos, a cumplir con la palabra y a sostener nuestros valores. Visítenos y verá en que podemos ayudarlo en English Version We are a firm of professionals with extensive experience in the area of supply chain and logistics. For over 10 years we have worked with our clients in the design, implementation and operation of supply chain and logistics efficiency in order to enhance efficiency, profitability and sustainability of their businesses. From the beginning CBS Network has developed a regional strategic vision, both locally and globally. South America is a region with many cultures and talents and our work aims to enhance these possibilities, so that companies can generate value to compete successfully. Responsibility, commitment, pursuit of knowledge, innovation and passion prompt the people of CBS to honor our commitments, to meet the word and uphold our values. Come and meet us at our website More...
  • Mapics Consultancy Sdn Bhd - (01-01-2011)
    Mapics Consultancy Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
    Introduction to MAPICS MAPICS Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 542156-K) is incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 on 16 March 2001. We signed an Agreement with International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) for the right to use ITC’s MLS-IPSCM training packs in Sept 2002. We registered as Training Provider with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad under class B0619 in Feb 2003. To provide corporate training & business consulting:- • International Trade Centre’s Modular Learning System (MLS) in International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (IPSCM). The Professional Certification is awarded by ITC • Collaboration Programme – provide in-house/tailored training, short course & public workshops to the multinational companies, small medium industries/entrepreneurs and public & private sectors • Business consulting Mission To build corporate competitiveness by providing corporate trainings & business consulting Objectives To provide:- 1. High quality & effective training 2. Competitive global consulting services 3. Tools & techniques to develop knowledge, skills & attitudes Our Training Partners 1. International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland 2. Alive & Kicking, Perth, Australia 3. TraDev Research Consultant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Our Positioning • Training partners for high quality & reliable support • Comprehensive & effective learning packages • Extensive network of professional trainers & consultants To be the most preferred partner for training & consulting • Supply chain & factory operations solutions • Quality & customer support solutions • Advanced business & corporate solutions Our aim is to help drives the development of a new generation & to facilitate employment opportunities by developing professional skills and expanding knowledge. Let us all “WIN TOGETHER”. Our Location YMCA Building 211 Jalan Macalister 10450 Penang, Malaysia Tel + 604-227 2489 Fax + 604-229 5464 More...
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  • CBS NETWORK ECUADOR, 11-11-2014 new
    MÓDULO 4
    Módulo de formación especializada en el área de compras y aprovisionamientos, con aval del: ITC/OMC/NNUU; certificado internacional, reconocido en 60 países alrededor del mundo: Mayor información: More...
  • LearningNet Administrator, 11-11-2014 new
    Dear Partners, Another year is coming to an end! Kindly be reminded that under the agreement signed with ITC regarding the use of the MLS-SCM programme, you are obliged to report to ITC, on yearly bases, all your activities related to MLS-SCM programme. With the on line reporting many of you have been updating the data frequently, some have not started yet, therefore we would like to ask you to complete your on line reporting respecting the deadline which is the 09 January 2015, a detailed report on your activities for year 2014, as per ITC requirements. The online report system in Learningnet has been updated to include the SCM-SME’s module training. It can be found in the module drop down list of the update/add event page as M30. We would be grateful if you have nothing to report for 2014 to also inform us by return mail. We remain at your disposal and would be more than happy to assist should you have any questions. Thank you & best regards, MLS Team More...
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