Improve the competitiveness of your business with ITC’s Supply Chain Management programme. 
Over the past ten years, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Programme of ITC has helped train over 25,000 business managers worldwide. Executives learn to manage the sourcing, movement and storage of goods from source of production to point of consumption. For enterprises, this means practical solutions to overcome challenges of export market demands; for buyers, this means optimized sourcing options. For local trade institutions, ITC is a solid partner offering best-in-class supply chain training and advisory programmes.
MLS-SCM Events
From 20-04-2015 to 20-04-2015
Member Spotlight
  • College of Business Administration and Management - (01-01-2011)
    College of Business Administration and Management (Viet Nam)
    College of Business Administration for Managers (CBAM) belongs to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The main purpose of our College is to train current and future managers of Vietnam by enriching their knowledge and relevant skills in Economic Management, Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Informatics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. We cooperate with distinguished universities and institutes from around the world to organize special courses and professional seminars in order to help enterprises access knowledge in business management with the most up to date methodology; as well, to integrate and exchange trade opportunities and know how internationally. CBAM is also an important meeting place for managers to network in exchanging and/or introducing information to and from enterprises to businessmen locally and overseas. More...
  • DCCI Business Institute - (02-01-2014)
    DCCI Business Institute (Bangladesh)
    DCCI Business Institute (DBI), Winner of the “MLS-SCM(P) Best Institution 2010” Award of ITC, Geneva

    DCCI Business Institute (DBI) is the winner of “MLS-SCM(P) Best Institution 2010” Award of International Trade Centre (ITC)-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva. The competition was organized by ITC at the Global Roundtable on Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM(P)), held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 6-8 April, 2011. The award was achieved due to the best performance of DBI among one hundred twenty training-providers of Certificate/Diploma on MLS-SCM(P)  of ITC in 69 countries all over the world.


    Winner of World Chamber Competition Award 2007

    DBI also own the “World Chamber Competition Award 2007” for its “Best Skills Development Programme”. The Competition was held among fifty eight applicants from thirty eight countries in Istanbul, Turkey in July, 2007 under the auspices of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris and World Chamber Federation.

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  • CBS NETWORK ECUADOR, 11-11-2014 new
    MÓDULO 4
    Módulo de formación especializada en el área de compras y aprovisionamientos, con aval del: ITC/OMC/NNUU; certificado internacional, reconocido en 60 países alrededor del mundo: Mayor información: More...
  • LearningNet Administrator, 11-11-2014 new
    Dear Partners, Another year is coming to an end! Kindly be reminded that under the agreement signed with ITC regarding the use of the MLS-SCM programme, you are obliged to report to ITC, on yearly bases, all your activities related to MLS-SCM programme. With the on line reporting many of you have been updating the data frequently, some have not started yet, therefore we would like to ask you to complete your on line reporting respecting the deadline which is the 09 January 2015, a detailed report on your activities for year 2014, as per ITC requirements. The online report system in Learningnet has been updated to include the SCM-SME’s module training. It can be found in the module drop down list of the update/add event page as M30. We would be grateful if you have nothing to report for 2014 to also inform us by return mail. We remain at your disposal and would be more than happy to assist should you have any questions. Thank you & best regards, MLS Team More...
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